I'm in NOLA Everyone

Where do I start? Well, three nights in New Orleans is both nowhere near enough time, and more than enough time. Bars don’t really close and you can put your drinks in go-cups, so you find yourself partying like you would in Vegas but NOLA has one million times the charm in the daytime and some of the best food in the world, I could’ve stayed two more days easy. Was this my first time to NOLA, no…but the last time I was there it was 1999, I was 18, and that was obviously pre-Katrina. My mom chaperoned our Junior Olympics Volleyball tournament, we stayed right off of Bourbon Street, and besides playing volleyball we just drank frozen drinks, much to my coaches dismay and went on a bayou gator tour. I remember LOVING it, because, well, duh, it’s magical, but also I was 18 and they let me drink! What kid wouldn’t love this place?! 

This time is different, I’m an adult, with a bank account and foodie friends. We stayed in Bywater,  which is a controversial (because of gentrification) place to stay, not far from the 9th Ward, like Mississippi Ave in Portland but the gentrification wounds are much fresher. We were walking distance from some great places like Bacchanal, N7, Elizabeth’s, Satsuma, and Pizza Delicious to name a few. Our Airbnb was cute, nothing too fancy, your typical shotgun-style house popular in New Orleans, but perfect for us. 

I got in late our first night but ready to go, I was on West Coast time. So we hit the town Wednesday night around 1 am, technically Thursday morning. Our first stop was Vaughn’s which we heard was a staple and it was cool. #Protip if taking a weekend trip I’d start your weekend Thursday or Friday and stay until Sunday. Wednesday was dead everywhere. Vaughn’s was cool, we got Dixies and talked to some locals that told us what to check out, then we wandered over to J & J’s which was more of a sports bar, then to Big Daddy’s where we ended up realizing we were starving, the bartender there told us to get food at Buffa’s, yet another dive, and by the time we got done eating we were spent. CONSENSUS: al the bars pictured below are basically the same. Maybe just pick one that has live music and stay put.

Waking up the next day we had heard nothing but good reviews of Turkey & the Wolf. So we went and we were not disappointed. It won Bon Appetite’s restaurant of the year, and while perhaps we were a bit perplexed by that award we agreed it was REALLY good. Fried pot pie with slow cooked chicken, cabbage salad, wedge salad, deviled eggs with fried chicken skins, and the most delicious collard green melt I've ever head (also the only one I've ever had.) After that, we caught the streetcar (which you can't not do, so fun especially on a hot day) up to Magazine street and wandered around until dinner. We wandered into some great shops all close to each other in the Canal/Garden District. DNO (Defend New Orleans) was especially cool and worth checking out.

After that it was Parasol’s, a place known for their po' boys, but we were too stuffed to try them. We got some frozen Irish coffee’s and chatted with an amazing woman who had been living in New Orleans for 25+ years and before we knew it, it was dinner time. We were heading to a place called Marjie’s which all of our restaurant industry local friends had told us was the best Thai in NOLA. It also didn’t disappoint. All the flavors were wonderful, I might venture to say it was as good as Pok Pok if not better, plus you can smoke at the table! After that it was French Quarter time. A place called Cane & Table which for lack of a better description was a high-end tiki bar, I would highly recommend. (THEY HAD THE GOOD ICE!) Then we made our way to R-bar, which also had one of the hipper vibes in the area, and is coincidentally a hotel with reasonable weekday rates. I might try to sty there a night or two next time I’m in town. Before we knew it it was 4 am and we were at Verdi Marte eating po-boys on what we would lovingly refer to as our stoop since we ended up back on it the next night as well, eating another shrimp po-boy, ho boy. CONSENSUS: Turkey & the Wolf - must. Cane & Table - Must. R-bar - MUST. And Verdi Marte - MUST MUST MUST!

First things first on day two we grabbed a coffee at Solo Espresso, another cute place walking distance from our place that serves Panther Coffee. If you’ve read my review of Miami you’ll know Panther Coffee is a PPpick. Here I caught up with my friend, so you ever do that? Take a trip with someone and forget to see how they’re doing? Sometimes a long coffee or breakfast is so important to a trip, especially a one on one trip right?!

Soon after we called a Lyft to take us strait to the NOMA. This is something I wouldn’t want you to miss if it’s your first time in NOLA. The sculpture garden at NOMA is so fun AND FREE! They had pieces by local New Orleans Blue Dog creater George Rodrigue, Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtentein and so, so, soooo many more… After that we lyfted to Parkway Po’boys and split a sandwich, then decided to walk to our next meal, fried chicken, at Willie Mae's. We stumbled upon all sorts of goodies on our walk. A love potion and candle place called F&F Botanica that I would highly recommend to you but sadly it’s just recently closed. That’s the thing about walking around when you’re a tourist, we would’ve never seen this place had we not stumbled upon it. And come to find out it was quite a famous spot, but not one New Orleans recommendations article I read even mentioned it! Other amazing stumble was a warehouse called “The Mardi Gras Spot” full of, well beads mostly, but some of those beads were penis shaped! It was clearly a place for people making floats for Mardi Gras but you better believe we spent some serious time in there! We rounded out the afternoon by cruising Bourbon Street whilst drinking frozen bevies, eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde duh, and of course, getting our palms read. Why is doing this in NOLA such a spiritual experience? Maybe it’s just ‘cause you’re hungover and emotional? But I swear everyone I talk to that does this gets hit strait in the heart! CONSENSUS: You gotta see the NOMA sculpture garden and get your palm read.

Just a few more pics below to give you the vibe of the place around Halloween, god I loved it, take me back right now! These trips really do mean the world to me...Courtney and I already have plans to go back next Halloween, this time with all of our girlfriends! CONSENSUS: make time in your life for these special trips, try not to spend your money on stupid shit. And NOLA is fucking magical, duh.

UPDATE: Courtney is pregnant and we will NOT be going back this year. See what I mean about making time for these trips?! Time is precious. I love you Court, congrats!

Big Momma Trip: Seattle

Seattle is only 3 hours (without traffic) from Portland, making it a really fun weekend trip, but also making it just far enough to be kind of annoying to drive there. Every Portlander (that I've talked to) would agree. But when your mom is going to be there, you really can't make an excuse good enough to not make the small drive :) Plus I love my mom, duh, and want to see her when I can. 

When I'm staying with friends I've got two choices, my friend Kreitler in Capitol Hill or my friends, The Tangney's in Ballard. I love both spots equally. This trip I found myself at Kreitler's (his view of the Space Needle above.) I always walk to his local coffee shop Barjot when I'm there, I love the routine of it, makes me feel like a local. Unlike Portland who is all about their drip coffee, Seattle seems to be more about their espresso. Barjot is an espresso only cafe, don't order drip. If you wander a bit further down the road you may happen to run into the Capitol Hill Goodwill, it's overpriced but they have a whole vintage section. So if you or the people you're with aren't huge thrifters this may be just the place for their attention span, just expect to pay for it with convenience. 

A lot of my trips always have a work aspect to them, for those that don't know I'm a model recruiter. I tend to recruit in the heart Capitol Hill, with Vita Cafe being home base. We have one in Portland but the Seattle Capitol Hill location is far superior. I grabbed a few local Seattle drinks while I was there. A Green Jasmine Kombucha by Kombucha Town from Bellingham, Washington and a Healo cold-pressed juice which is Seattle based. After that is was lunch just across the street at Lost Lake Cafe a hip diner with adjoining bar that gets packed with 20 somethings at night. Then, of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without a quick pop-in to Totokaelo, located right next to Lost Lake - their Totokaelo Exclusive Maison Margiela Tabi Boot above. CONSENSUS: go to the Capitol Hill Goodwill and Totokaelo, always.

For those that don't know The Nordstrom family is from Seattle therefore so is their flagship store. The pop-ins they've had since they stole Olivia Kim (OK) away from Opening Ceremony have been super innovative thanks to OK. When I was there it was a @Nordstrom x Hanes T-Shirt pop-in, which could not be more up my alley. I walked away with a ban.do, an ASHKAHN, Vision Street Wear long sleeve. #Protip if you flash your Oregon ID all Washington sales tax is waived, easy peasy! There was also a Nike section that had the Cortez by A.L.C., and allllll of the pink things your heart could possibly desire. I walked away with the Air Max's seen above. CONSENSUS: always make time for Nordstrom when you’re in Seattle!

Obligatory Pike's Place visit with Big Momma and dinner at the Pink Door. We were lucky enough to get right in and sit at the bar and have a quick meal. But we were too early to see the Burlesque. The food isn't anything special but the vibe is great, if you're going to go I suggest seeing the entertainment, therefore do yourself a favor and make a reservation, this place gets packed like a Cheesecake Factory on Friday night in the burbs. CONSENSUS: skip the Pink Door, but the gum wall, sure why not?!

I would highly suggest skipping the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum it's expensive and I honestly don't know how glass blowers get to be called artists. But MoPOP is something that you can't miss! We happened to catch the Jim Henson exhibit ($5 extra) which was THE BEST. I grew up with Sesame Street, The Muppets, and of course The Labyrinth, so man, I loved every second of it! There was also a Bowie exhibit by photographer Mick Rock (loved!) also a Star Trek and a Hendrix exhibit plus a guitar gallery to name a few. I'll totally go back next time I'm there. There's so much more to see. CONSENSUS: skip Chihuly, GO GO GO to the MoPOP!!!


Last night in Ballard with friends dinner (and margs) at Gracia. A nightcap at one of my favorite Seattle bars, kitschy Hattie's Hat and then bed at the Ballard Inn. A hostel-style hotel where you have to share the bathrooms with the entire floor. No complaints though, I never saw a single person on my floor, plus they give you full access to the Olympic Athletic Club across the street!  CONSENSUS: I friggin’ love you Ballard, even though the locals hate coming to you! Skip Ballard Inn though, and maybe splurge on Hotel Ballard.

Bienvenidos A Miami

When my friend Allison suggested I meet her in Miami at the beginning of June I couldn't say yes fast enough. As 30-somethings on a budget that still likes fancy things, we prioritized staying at places that were a good deal, with one splurge.  That broke down to three nights in Wynwood in a reasonably cute condo with a kitchen (that we didn't end up using ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Then our "splurge" night at the Standard Miami Beach. Finally, we spent the last two nights at the Hotel Astor in South Beach. A place I would totally stay at again but it's nothing to write home about; two blocks from the water, in the Historic Art Deco neighborhood. Which, I was stoked on solely because that's where the beginning Ace Ventura was filmed.  

First stop - Wynwood. I literally dropped my stuff in the lobby of our condo and started wandering around my new home for the next three days. Turns out we (Alli) couldn't have picked a better location! JEtlagged from my redeye, I grabbed an iced coffee (I wouldn't mess with most cold brews in Miami) and found myself in one of the most awesomely curated galleries I've even set foot in, the Gary Nader Art Centre. Established in 1985, it was started to promote Latin American artists and just wow! Obviously (from the pics above) it's expanded to a lot of modern artists like Lichtenstein and Robert Indiana, but at its core, it celebrates Latin artists such as Fernando Botero, Picasso, and Diego Rivera. I don't know much about art, but I think most would be impressed if not all. CONSENSUS: You HAVE TO go to this Gallery if you visit Wynwood. 

Wynwood is THE BEST!!! Great shopping and the best bars, coffee and all around vibes. If you're looking for the hippest neighborhood in Miami - it's Wynwood. It's known for its street art, but around every corner is rad painted house, apartment or even sidewalk. I couldn't stop taking pictures, it was all too cute. Some places that I frequented were Panther Coffee - great cold brew and made me feel like I was back in Portland. Dr. Smood - a super cute, certified organic, kosher, non-GMO restaurant. And SUPER DUPER DUPER lucky for me, since it's my fave we got to chill out in a Reformation pop-up and shop while they poured me Veuve. Also if you see the cute poem guy, get one, it touched our hearts and was totally worth the $10 we venmo'd him. We tried a few different bars but as a Portlander, I have v high standards, the only one that made the cut in that hood was Gramps, our first night was on Tuesday which is their trivia night, it was a blast. They had great slices rom Pizza Tropical out back and after trivia we found ourselves chopping it up with some 22-year-olds. We were just about ready to turn in but were inquiring about where we can dance that isn't your typical South Beach style "discotheque." They let us know the Electric Pickle was THE place to go, so we said cool and were saying goodbye when they said, no no no, tonight is THE night to go. Apparently, Tuesday is their 90s night. "The Love Below" night to be more specific. More than anything else that happened this vacation, I'm so glad we struck up a conversation with those kids. They didn't lead us astray, it was probably one of the most fun nights I've ever had dancing. The DJs were amazing and they had the best disco ball I've ever seen, see pic above. And as a street style photographer, it was truly one of the most interesting, and adorable crowds of people I've ever seen! CONSENSUS: our first night in Miami and we never want to leave! GO TO ELECTRIC PICKLE ON A TUESDAY, I can't stress this enough. 

The food highlight for both of us was eating at plant-based restaurant aptly named...Plant. Everything was so incredibly delicious that I would have no problem telling non-vegans to eat there. Musts: the kimchi dumplings and the Ciaco E Pepe, while the zucchini lasagna was also killer I might suggest skipping it if you're not really into marinara. They're more than willing to give you a tour of the facility after you eat and it's the nicest staff! Afterwards, the host gave us a list of things to do in the area. One of which was heading to Lagniappe, which is another place that you have to go to. It's got the most old world Euro charm. You can sit in the back on a nice night, people watch, sip wine, and enjoy your company, which is exactly what we did. CONSENSUS: I will probably eat at Plant and chill at Lagniappe every time I visit Miami moving forward. 

When in Rome. All the books and websites say you gotta go to Little Havana. More specifically Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street) and Maximo Park (yes like the shitty band.) And you've got to go to Versaille for a Cubano. While you're down there, hit up bar Ball & Chain where there's always live music. Lastly or really firstly (not a word?) get a Cuban coffee from a coffee window. You can see me holding mine quite hungover. Which leads me to my mood while doing this touristy part of the trip, which was...not the best. Alli didn't want to do this at all and I dragged her. She's way more into the trendy restaurants and shopping and I said, "Hey we're doing something with culture goddammit!" and she said, "ok." Here's my word(s) to the wise if you do this. DON'T: drag a friend reluctantly, truth be told I would've had more fun doing this alone. DON'T: bother with a Cubano or Versailles at all if you get weirded out by meats...just because all the travel books tell you to eat there doesn't mean you have to. DO: go see the cute old men playing dominoes in Maximo Park, it's really like nothing you've ever seen and it's worth a 5-10 minute gander. DO: have a quick drink at Ball & Chain, the live music alone makes it worth it. DO or DON'T: depending on how you look at it, plan on spending more than an hour there. In and out is the name of the game. CONSENSES: I'm really happy I checked it out, but next time I'm in Miami I won't need to see it again. 

What's not to love about a Standard Hotel?! The Miami one is super 60s MCM, at least I think, I'm no interior design expert. It was cute ok! The Pina Coladas were on point. They put that Radiate Kombucha in them. Fucking to die for, for reals. Alli also thought the toilet was cute...it was...that's her taking a picture of it. That's also her at the complimentary spa. You can steam and sauna all you want while you're staying there. We swam, ate, drank, ate, spa'd and swam. We took this mid-part of our trip to regroup and enjoy our friendship. We ate dinner on the patio and then went back to the room and ordered vegan chocolate cake for dessert. It was perfect, the next day it was on to South Beach. CONSENSUS: I will always stay at a Standard in whatever city I'm in and DAMN I miss those Coladas...and the cake. 

Obligatory pics of the Historic Art Deco neighborhood. The buildings are tight, made tighter by aforementioned Ace Ventura nostalgia. That being said, walking around this area really turned me off to South Beach. It's rowdy af and honestly not my cup of tea. A little discouraged we went back to our hotel to regroup. CONSENSUS: stay off the main strip except to take photos of the Art Deco buildings. 

After figuring out what we wanted from our first night in South Beach we ended up having a great time. We met some new friends in our hotel bar (our hotel complimentary drink tickets) and they took us to Twist. Twist is everything you want a gay bar to be, lots of large packages in speedos, cute guy everywhere, Britney and Madonna pictures framed living next to each other in perfect harmony. We didn't stay long. I'm a dive bar type of girl and Anthony Bourdain (by way of an article about Miami) told us to hit up "the oldest bar in Miami" - Mac's Club Duece. So we did, tbh, it wasn't anything I'd go back to, but thank GOD we went because it was across the street from the best place ever (I love sandwiches) Le Sandwicherie. This place is a godsend, it's perfect, would go back 10/10 and did.   Kill Your Idol is also a pretty cool bar to check out if you're in the area. Peep the photos to give you an idea of the sort of homage to the No Wave movement of the late 70s they're going for. If you're not into the club scene this is an oasis amongst the craziness that is South Beach. CONSENSUS: I went to bed early with a sandwich.

Just when I was about to give up on South Beach it went and totally redeemed itself! Having a good nights sleep we got up and hit a place we were debating checking out the night before. I'm glad we decided to go for brunch instead. Well, technically there are a bunch of places inside this adorable hostel that is part of a group of hotels called Freehand. We were going to check out the Broken Shaker at night but instead, we decided to check out 27 Restaurant for brunch and it was awesome. My friend doesn't drink but I went ahead and had quite a few mimosas, bought a pack of smokes, and we continued our morning hanging by the pool they so kindly let us enjoy until Broken Shaker opened. Hey, it was my last day of vacation, I'm allowed! I apologize for all the selfies but clearly, I was feeling my vacation glow. After pool hangs Alli needed a nap but I had my day buzz on and was ready to shop. Kith is walking distance from the hostel so I made my way over there. Cool that on my walk I was able to catch the Ugo Rondinone Miami Mountain. I shopped around Kith but the only thing I bought was an ice cream. I went with The Witness. I ate it on my walk back to my hotel, where I knew Alli would be waking up from a nap hungry since it had been hours since breakfast. I came bearing gifts, Le Sanwicherie (did I mention I love sandwiches?) She was beyond stoked. After that she turned to me and said, if we want to go in the ocean we better do it now. And just like that, we popped up quick like and hauled ass to the beach. I couldn't even tell you the last time I swam in the Atlantic but it was awesome, see post swim/blissed out selfie for proof. CONSENSUS: next time I'd stay at the Freehand Miami when in South Beach. AND I WANT TO GO BACK NOW ALLI!