Big Momma Trip: Seattle

Seattle is only 3 hours (without traffic) from Portland, making it a really fun weekend trip, but also making it just far enough to be kind of annoying to drive there. Every Portlander (that I've talked to) would agree. But when your mom is going to be there, you really can't make an excuse good enough to not make the small drive :) Plus I love my mom, duh, and want to see her when I can. 

When I'm staying with friends I've got two choices, my friend Kreitler in Capitol Hill or my friends, The Tangney's in Ballard. I love both spots equally. This trip I found myself at Kreitler's (his view of the Space Needle above.) I always walk to his local coffee shop Barjot when I'm there, I love the routine of it, makes me feel like a local. Unlike Portland who is all about their drip coffee, Seattle seems to be more about their espresso. Barjot is an espresso only cafe, don't order drip. If you wander a bit further down the road you may happen to run into the Capitol Hill Goodwill, it's overpriced but they have a whole vintage section. So if you or the people you're with aren't huge thrifters this may be just the place for their attention span, just expect to pay for it with convenience. 

A lot of my trips always have a work aspect to them, for those that don't know I'm a model recruiter. I tend to recruit in the heart Capitol Hill, with Vita Cafe being home base. We have one in Portland but the Seattle Capitol Hill location is far superior. I grabbed a few local Seattle drinks while I was there. A Green Jasmine Kombucha by Kombucha Town from Bellingham, Washington and a Healo cold-pressed juice which is Seattle based. After that is was lunch just across the street at Lost Lake Cafe a hip diner with adjoining bar that gets packed with 20 somethings at night. Then, of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without a quick pop-in to Totokaelo, located right next to Lost Lake - their Totokaelo Exclusive Maison Margiela Tabi Boot above. CONSENSUS: go to the Capitol Hill Goodwill and Totokaelo, always.

For those that don't know The Nordstrom family is from Seattle therefore so is their flagship store. The pop-ins they've had since they stole Olivia Kim (OK) away from Opening Ceremony have been super innovative thanks to OK. When I was there it was a @Nordstrom x Hanes T-Shirt pop-in, which could not be more up my alley. I walked away with a, an ASHKAHN, Vision Street Wear long sleeve. #Protip if you flash your Oregon ID all Washington sales tax is waived, easy peasy! There was also a Nike section that had the Cortez by A.L.C., and allllll of the pink things your heart could possibly desire. I walked away with the Air Max's seen above. CONSENSUS: always make time for Nordstrom when you’re in Seattle!

Obligatory Pike's Place visit with Big Momma and dinner at the Pink Door. We were lucky enough to get right in and sit at the bar and have a quick meal. But we were too early to see the Burlesque. The food isn't anything special but the vibe is great, if you're going to go I suggest seeing the entertainment, therefore do yourself a favor and make a reservation, this place gets packed like a Cheesecake Factory on Friday night in the burbs. CONSENSUS: skip the Pink Door, but the gum wall, sure why not?!

I would highly suggest skipping the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum it's expensive and I honestly don't know how glass blowers get to be called artists. But MoPOP is something that you can't miss! We happened to catch the Jim Henson exhibit ($5 extra) which was THE BEST. I grew up with Sesame Street, The Muppets, and of course The Labyrinth, so man, I loved every second of it! There was also a Bowie exhibit by photographer Mick Rock (loved!) also a Star Trek and a Hendrix exhibit plus a guitar gallery to name a few. I'll totally go back next time I'm there. There's so much more to see. CONSENSUS: skip Chihuly, GO GO GO to the MoPOP!!!


Last night in Ballard with friends dinner (and margs) at Gracia. A nightcap at one of my favorite Seattle bars, kitschy Hattie's Hat and then bed at the Ballard Inn. A hostel-style hotel where you have to share the bathrooms with the entire floor. No complaints though, I never saw a single person on my floor, plus they give you full access to the Olympic Athletic Club across the street!  CONSENSUS: I friggin’ love you Ballard, even though the locals hate coming to you! Skip Ballard Inn though, and maybe splurge on Hotel Ballard.